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Zoom Taps Ex-Facebook CISO Amid Security Snafus, Lawsuit
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

The online videoconferencing service added Alex Stamos to the team and has also formed an expert advisory board to grapple with the pains of its COVID-19 growth spurt.

Cisco ‘Critical Update’ Phishing Attack Steals Webex Credentials
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Emails purporting to be a Cisco "critical security advisory" are actually part of a phishing campaign trying to steal victims' Webex credentials.

ThreatList: Skype-Themed Apps Hide a Raft of Malware
Posted on Wednesday April 08, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of malware files are disguised as well-known social conferencing and collaboration apps.

WhatsApp Axes COVID-19 Mass Message Forwarding
Posted on Wednesday April 08, 2020

Amid rampant misinformation, users of the Facebook-owned messaging platform can no longer send coronavirus messages to more than one user at a time.

COVID-19 CISO Checklist for Securing a Remote Workforce
Posted on Wednesday April 08, 2020

The CISO Checklist for Secure Remote Working was built to assist CISOs in navigating through COVID-19, providing them with a concise, high-level list of the absolute essentials needed to ensure their organization is well protected in these challenging times.

FBI Threatens ‘Zoom Bombing’ Trolls With Jail Time
Posted on Monday April 06, 2020

The FBI is cracking down on the practice of Zoom bombing, saying the hijacking of web conferences can be punishable by jail time.

Beyond Zoom: How Safe Are Slack and Other Collaboration Apps?
Posted on Monday April 06, 2020

COVID-19’s effect on work footprints has created an unprecedented challenge for IT and security staff. Many departments are scrambling to enable collaboration apps for all -- but without proper security they can be a big risk.

Firefox Zero-Day Flaws Exploited in the Wild Get Patched
Posted on Saturday April 04, 2020

Mozilla Foundation rushes patches to fix bugs in its browser that could allow for remote code execution.

Cloud Providers, CDNs Team Up to Battle Internet Routing Attacks
Posted on Friday April 03, 2020

A group of CDNs and cloud providers are joining in on a fight against common internet routing attacks.

Spearphishing Campaign Exploits COVID-19 To Spread Lokibot Infostealer
Posted on Friday April 03, 2020

The attack discovered uses World Health Organization trademark to lure users with info related to coronavirus.

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