Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Privacy fears are blasting off after Amazon's Ring division unveiled the new Always Home Cam, a smart home security camera drone.

Google Cloud Buckets Exposed in Rampant Misconfiguration
Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2020

A too-large percentage of cloud databases containing highly sensitive information are publicly available, an analysis shows.

UPDATE – TikTok Ban: Security Experts Weigh in on the App’s Risks
Posted on Monday September 21, 2020

With no hard evidence of abuse, are bans warranted? The real security concerns will likely come after the ban goes into effect, researchers said in our exclusive roundtable.

Google Play Bans Stalkerware and ‘Misrepresentation’
Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

The official app store is taking on spy- and surveillance-ware, along with apps that could be used to mount political-influence campaigns.

Cloud Leak Exposes 320M Dating-Site Records
Posted on Monday September 14, 2020

A misconfigured, Mailfire-owned Elasticsearch server impacted 70 dating and e-commerce sites, exposing PII and details such as romantic preferences.

Govt.-Backed Contact-Tracing Apps Raise Privacy Hackles
Posted on Thursday September 10, 2020

New opt-in COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express systems baked into Apple’s iOS and available on Android need privacy guardrails, say privacy advocates.

NSA Mass Surveillance Program Illegal, U.S. Court Rules
Posted on Thursday September 03, 2020

The NSA argued its mass surveillance program stopped terrorist attacks - but a new U.S. court ruling found that this is not legal, and may have even been unconstitutional.

U.S. Voter Databases Offered for Free on Dark Web, Report
Posted on Tuesday September 01, 2020

Some underground forum users said they're monetizing the information through the State Department's anti-influence-campaign effort.

FBI: Ring Smart Doorbells Could Sabotage Cops
Posted on Tuesday September 01, 2020

While privacy advocates have warned against Ring's partnerships with police, newly unearthed documents reveal FBI concerns about 'new challenges' smart doorbell footage could create for cops.

Facebook Hits Back At Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update
Posted on Thursday August 27, 2020

While privacy experts praised Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 updates, Facebook said the new features could cut its advertising business in half.