Stalkerware Attacks Increased 50 Percent Last Year, Report
Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020

Research puts the emerging mobile threat—which monitors the whereabouts and device activity of devices users as well as collects personal data—into clearer focus.

Lawsuit Claims Google Collects Minors’ Locations, Browsing History
Posted on Friday February 21, 2020

A new lawsuit alleges that Google’s G Suite for Education program covertly collects data from students, violating both COPPA and other data privacy regulations.

Hamas Ensnares Israeli Soldiers with Pretty ‘Ladies’
Posted on Wednesday February 19, 2020

The third catfish attempt in three years from the Palestinian militant group adds a few technical advances to the mix.

Ring Mandates 2FA After Rash of Hacks
Posted on Tuesday February 18, 2020

Ring outlined new security and data privacy measures, Tuesday, following backlash of the connected doorbell in the past year.

Huawei Controversy Highlights 5G Security Implications
Posted on Friday February 14, 2020

Security experts say that 5G supply chain concerns should be taken seriously – whether it’s in the context of Huawei or not.

Privacy Experts Skeptical of Proposed Data Protection Agency
Posted on Thursday February 13, 2020

A new Data Protection Agency would overhaul federal regulation efforts around data privacy - but experts are skeptical that the U.S. government can get it right.

Wacom Tablet Data Exfiltration Raises Security Concerns
Posted on Friday February 07, 2020

Wacom stated that its data collection is done only in aggregate -- but that doesn't fix the issues, according to security experts.

Advanced Obfuscation Marks Widespread Info-Stealing Campaign
Posted on Friday January 31, 2020

Agent Tesla and LokiBot are common payloads in the botnet-driven spam effort.

Facebook to Pay $550M to Settle Class Action Case Over Facial Recognition
Posted on Thursday January 30, 2020

The settlement in a case over the social network’s Tag Suggestions feature is the latest financial blow the company has taken over its handling of user privacy.

Apple Security Updates Tackle iOS Device Tracking, RCE Flaws
Posted on Wednesday January 29, 2020

Apple’s iOS 13.3.1 update includes a host of security patches and a way to turn off U1 Ultra Wideband tracking.