Mobile Security

iPhone Hack Allegedly Used to Spy on China’s Uyghurs
Posted on Friday May 07, 2021

U.S. intelligence said that the Chaos iPhone remote takeover exploit was used against the minority ethnic group before Apple could patch the problem.

Qualcomm Chip Bug Opens Android Fans to Eavesdropping
Posted on Thursday May 06, 2021

A malicious app can exploit the issue, which could affect up to 30 percent of Android phones.

Apple Fixes Zero‑Day Security Bugs Under Active Attack
Posted on Tuesday May 04, 2021

On Monday, Apple released a quartet of unscheduled updates for iOS, macOS, and watchOS, slapping security patches on flaws in its WebKit browser engine.

Anti-Vaxxer Hijacks QR Codes at COVID-19 Check-In Sites
Posted on Thursday April 29, 2021

The perp faces jail time, but the incident highlights the growing cyber-abuse of QR codes.

Smishing: Why Text-Based Phishing Should Be on Every CISO’s Radar
Posted on Tuesday April 27, 2021

Phil Richards, Chief Security Officer at Ivanti, discusses dramatic growth in smishing and what to do about it.

Flubot Spyware Spreading Through Android Devices
Posted on Monday April 26, 2021

The malware is spreading rapidly through ‘missed package delivery’ SMS texts, prompting urgent scam warnings from mobile carriers.

QR Codes Offer Easy Cyberattack Avenues as Usage Spikes
Posted on Wednesday April 21, 2021

Usage is way up, but so are cyberattacks: Mobile phishing, malware, banking heists and more can come from just one wrong scan.

iOS Kids Game Morphs into Underground Crypto Casino
Posted on Friday April 16, 2021

A malicious ‘Jungle Run’ app tricked security protections to make it into the Apple App Store, scamming users out of money with a casino-like functionality.

Zero Trust: The Mobile Dimension
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

Hank Schless, senior security solutions manager at Lookout, discusses how to secure remote working via mobile devices.

Adware Spreads via Fake TikTok App, Laptop Offers
Posted on Thursday April 08, 2021

Cybercriminals are encouraging users to send the "offers" via WhatsApp to their friends as well.