Mobile Security

Google Location Tracking Lambasted in Arizona Lawsuit
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2020

The lawsuit, filed against Google by Arizona's Attorney General, alleges that the tech giant uses “deceptive and unfair conduct” to obtain users’ location data.

New iOS Jailbreak Tool Works on iPhone Models iOS 11 to iOS 13.5
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

Latest version of UnC0ver uses unpatched zero-day exploit to take complete control of devices, even those running iOS 13.5.

70 Percent of Mobile, Desktop Apps Contain Open-Source Bugs
Posted on Monday May 25, 2020

A lack of awareness about where and how open-source libraries are being used is problematic, researchers say.

Long Tail Analysis: A New Hope in the Cybercrime Battle
Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

Looking for niche anomalies in an automated way with AI and machine learning is the future.

WolfRAT Android Malware Targets WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2020

Researchers link the malware to Wolf Research operators with "high confidence" after it was spotted in campaigns targeting Thai users.

Bluetooth Bugs Allow Impersonation Attacks on Legions of Devices
Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2020

A host of unpatched security bugs that allow BIAS attacks affects Bluetooth chips from Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and others.

Quantum Security Goes Live with Samsung Galaxy
Posted on Friday May 15, 2020

Quantum technology, which has been touted as "unhackable," debuts with Samsung, SK Telecom in a world's first.

Utah Says No to Apple/Google COVID-19 Tracing; Debuts Startup App
Posted on Thursday May 14, 2020

"Healthy Together” app uses a raft of location data, including GPS, cell tower triangulation and Bluetooth, to pinpoint users and ID coronavirus hotspots.

Leaked NHS Docs Reveal Roadmap, Concerns Around Contact-Tracing App
Posted on Wednesday May 13, 2020

Future features include plenty of self-reporting options, and officials' fears the data could be misused.

Zoom Beefs Up End-to-End Encryption to Thwart ‘Zoombombers’
Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

As the company continues to battle security woes, it has acquired Keybase to boost security and privacy. A full cryptographic draft architecture will be available on May 22.