Microsoft Warns of 25 Critical Vulnerabilities in IoT, Industrial Devices
Posted on Friday April 30, 2021

Azure Defender security team discovers that memory allocation is a systemic problem that can allow threat actors to execute malicious code remotely or cause entire systems to crash.

5 Fundamental But Effective IoT Device Security Controls
Posted on Friday April 23, 2021

Matt Dunn, the associate managing director for cyber-risk at Kroll, discusses how to keep networks safe from insecure IoT devices.

Ransomware: A Deep Dive into 2021 Emerging Cyber-Risks
Posted on Monday April 19, 2021

Our new eBook goes beyond the status quo to take a look at the evolution of ransomware and what to prepare for next.

What COVID-19 Taught Us: Prepping Cybersecurity for the Next Crisis
Posted on Monday April 19, 2021

Sivan Tehila, cybersecurity strategist at Perimeter 81, discusses climate change and the cyber-resilience lessons companies should take away from dealing with the pandemic.

Gafgyt Botnet Lifts DDoS Tricks from Mirai
Posted on Thursday April 15, 2021

The IoT-targeted malware has also added new exploits for initial compromise, for Huawei, Realtek and Dasan GPON devices.

How the NAME:WRECK Bugs Impact Consumers, Businesses
Posted on Tuesday April 13, 2021

How this class of vulnerabilities will impact millions connected devices and potentially wreck the day of IT security professionals.

Chinese Hackers Selling Intimate Stolen Camera Footage
Posted on Tuesday April 06, 2021

A massive operation offers access to hacked camera feeds in bedrooms and at hotels.

15 Cybersecurity Pitfalls and Fixes for SMBs
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

In this roundtable, security experts focus on smaller businesses offer real-world advice for actionable ways to shore up defenses using fewer resources.

Ransomware Attack Foils IoT Giant Sierra Wireless
Posted on Wednesday March 24, 2021

The ransomware attack has impacted the IoT manufacturer's production lines across multiple sites, and other internal operations.

Latest Mirai Variant Targets SonicWall, D-Link and IoT Devices
Posted on Tuesday March 16, 2021

A new Mirai variant is targeting known flaws in D-Link, Netgear and SonicWall devices, as well as newly-discovered flaws in unknown IoT devices.