‘Unbreakable’ Smart Lock Draws FTC Ire for Deceptive Security Claims
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Tapplock catches heat for patched vulnerabilities -- because of its claims that its smart locks can't be hacked.

Dark_Nexus Botnet Compromises Thousands of ASUS, D-Link Routers
Posted on Wednesday April 08, 2020

Researchers say the botnet has emerged over the past three months and shares aspects with Mirai and Qbot.

Tokyo Olympics Postponed, But 5G Security Lessons Shine
Posted on Thursday March 26, 2020

Threatpost Senior Editor Tara Seals is joined by Russ Mohr, engineer and Apple evangelist at MobileIron along with Jerry Ray, COO at SecureAge, for a discussion about the now postponed Tokyo Games and its use of 5G and the myriad of security concerns Japan is preparing for.

Covid-19 Privacy Poll: Phone Tracking, Public Health and Surveillance
Posted on Tuesday March 24, 2020

Is sacrificing your personal privacy worth flattening the coronavirus infection curve? Weigh in on our Threatpost poll.

Hackers Actively Exploit 0-Day in CCTV Camera Hardware
Posted on Monday March 23, 2020

Criminals behind botnets Chalubo, FBot and Moobot attack unpatched vulnerabilities in the commercial DVRs made by LILIN.

Coronavirus Poll Results: Cyberattacks Ramp Up, WFH Prep Uneven
Posted on Thursday March 19, 2020

A poll of Threatpost readers shows that security preparedness is uneven as organizations make an unprecedented transition to remote working.

More Than Half of IoT Devices Vulnerable to Severe Attacks
Posted on Wednesday March 11, 2020

A full 98 percent of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, exposing personal and confidential data on the network.

Forrester: Keeping Smart Cities Safe From Hacks
Posted on Monday March 02, 2020

As cities grow more connected, municipal operators must deal with new risks like ransomware, IoT hacks and more.

RSAC 2020: GM’s Transportation Future Hinges on Cybersecurity
Posted on Thursday February 27, 2020

CEO Mary T. Barra addressed the high stakes in rolling out self-driving cars and biometric-enhanced vehicles, where one cyber-event could derail plans for emerging automotive technologies.

Billions of Devices Open to Wi-Fi Eavesdropping Attacks
Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020

The Kr00k bug arises from an all-zero encryption key in Wi-Fi chips that reveals communications from devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and others.