RSAC 2020: Smart Baby Monitor Vulnerable to Remote Hackers
Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020

A popular baby monitor has been found riddled with vulnerabilities that give attackers full access to personal information and sensitive video footage.

Hackers Cashing In On Healthcare Industry Security Weaknesses
Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020

Between ransomware attacks on healthcare devices, malware-laced “medical” apps, and fraud services available on the dark net, attackers are pushing the boundaries on targeting healthcare.

Unpatched Security Flaws Open Connected Vacuum to Takeover
Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020

A connected, robotic vacuum cleaner has serious vulnerabilities that could allow remote hackers to view its video footage and launch denial of service attacks.

Google Patches Chrome Browser Zero-Day Bug, Under Attack
Posted on Tuesday February 25, 2020

Google patches zero-day bug tied to memory corruptions found inside the Chrome browser's open-source JavaScript and Web Assembly engine, called V8.

Apple Takes Heat Over ‘Vulnerable’ iOS Cut-and-Paste Data
Posted on Monday February 24, 2020

Software developer builds a malicious proof-of-concept iOS app that can read data temporarily saved to the device’s clipboard.

ISS World Hit with Malware Attack that Shuts Down Global Computer Network
Posted on Friday February 21, 2020

The incident cut off access to e-mail and shared IT services across customer sites of the multinational Denmark-based facility-management firm.

Cybergang Favors G Suite and Physical Checks For BEC Attacks
Posted on Thursday February 20, 2020

Exaggerated Lion, a newly discovered cybercrime group, uses new and unique tactics to target U.S. companies in BEC attacks.

Latest Tax Scams Target Apps and Tax-Prep Websites
Posted on Wednesday February 19, 2020

Traditional e-mail based scams are also in the mix this year, one in particular that uses the legitimate app TeamViewer to take over victims’ systems.

FC Barcelona Suffers Likely Credential-Stuffing Attack on Twitter
Posted on Tuesday February 18, 2020

OurMine took over the Spanish powerhouse soccer team's Twitter account.

Ring Mandates 2FA After Rash of Hacks
Posted on Tuesday February 18, 2020

Ring outlined new security and data privacy measures, Tuesday, following backlash of the connected doorbell in the past year.

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