Massive DDoS Attack Disrupts Belgium Parliament
Posted on Thursday May 06, 2021

A large-scale incident earlier this week against Belnet and other ISPs has sent a wave of internet disruption across numerous Belgian government, scientific and educational institutions.

Scripps Health Cyberattack Causes Widespread Hospital Outages
Posted on Monday May 03, 2021

The San Diego-based hospital system diverted ambulances to other medical centers after a suspected ransomware attack.

WeSteal: A Cryptocurrency-Stealing Tool That Does Just That
Posted on Friday April 30, 2021

The developer of the WeSteal cryptocurrency stealer can’t be bothered with fancy talk: they say flat-out that it’s “the leading way to make money in 2021”.

A Tale of Two Hacks: From SolarWinds to Microsoft Exchange
Posted on Friday April 30, 2021

Oliver Tavakoli, CTO of Vectra AI, discusses the differences between the massive supply-chain hack and the Exchange zero-day attacks, and their legacy and ramifications for security professionals.

DoppelPaymer Gang Leaks Files from Illinois AG After Ransom Negotiations Break Down
Posted on Thursday April 29, 2021

Information stolen in April 10 ransomware attack was posted on a dark web portal and includes private documents not published as part of public records.

REvil’s Big Apple Ransomware Gambit Looks to Pay Off
Posted on Friday April 23, 2021

The notorious cybercrime gang could make out whether or not Apple pays the $50 million ransom by May 1 as demanded.

Spotlight on Cybercriminal Supply Chains
Posted on Thursday April 22, 2021

In this Threatpost podcast Fortinet’s top researcher outlines what a cybercriminal supply chain is and how much the illicit market is worth.

Telegram Platform Abused in ‘ToxicEye’ Malware Campaigns
Posted on Thursday April 22, 2021

Even if the app is not installed or in use, threat actors can use it to spread malware through email campaigns and take over victims’ machines, new research has found.

4 Innovative Ways Cyberattackers Hunt for Security Bugs
Posted on Wednesday April 21, 2021

David “moose” Wolpoff, co-founder and CTO at Randori, talks lesser-known hacking paths, including unresolved "fixme" flags in developer support groups.

Pulse Secure Critical Zero-Day Security Bug Under Active Exploit
Posted on Wednesday April 21, 2021

CVE-2021-22893 allows remote code-execution (RCE) and is being used in the wild by nation-state cyberattackers to compromise VPN appliances in defense, finance and government orgs.

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