Bug Bounty FAQ: Top Questions, Expert Answers
Posted on Saturday September 26, 2020

Four leading voices in the bug bounty community answer frequently asked questions from bounty hunters, companies and curious cybersecurity professionals.

Microsoft Kills 18 Azure Accounts Tied to Nation-State Attacks
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

An APT group has started heavily relying on cloud services like Azure Active Directory and OneDrive, as well as open-source tools, to obfuscate its attacks.

Feds Hit with Successful Cyberattack, Data Stolen
Posted on Thursday September 24, 2020

The attack featured a unique, multistage malware and a likely PulseSecure VPN exploit.

Alien Android Banking Trojan Sidesteps 2FA
Posted on Thursday September 24, 2020

A new 'fork' of the Cerberus banking trojan, called Alien, targets victims' credentials from more than 200 mobile apps, including Bank of America and Microsoft Outlook.

Gamer Credentials Now a Booming, Juicy Target for Hackers
Posted on Wednesday September 23, 2020

Credential abuse drives illicit market for in-game rare skins, special weapons and unique tools.

OldGremlin Ransomware Group Bedevils Russian Orgs
Posted on Wednesday September 23, 2020

The cybercriminal group has plagued firms with ransomware, sent via spear phishing emails with COVID-19 lures, since March.

Activision Refutes Claims of 500K-Account Hack
Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2020

The Call of Duty behemoth said that the reports of widespread hacks are false.

Unsecured Microsoft Bing Server Leaks Search Queries, Location Data
Posted on Monday September 21, 2020

Data exposed included search terms, location coordinates, and device information - but no personal data.

Android Malware Bypasses 2FA And Targets Telegram, Gmail Passwords
Posted on Monday September 21, 2020

A new Android malware strain has been uncovered, part of the Rampant Kitten threat group's widespread surveillance campaign that targets Telegram credentials and more.

SecOps Teams Wrestle with Manual Processes, HR Gaps
Posted on Friday September 18, 2020

Enterprise security teams are "drowning in alerts."

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