Cybercriminal Enterprise ‘Ringleaders’ Stole $55M Via COVID-19 Fraud, Romance Scams
Posted on Thursday February 18, 2021

The Department of Justice (DoJ) cracked down on a Ghana-based cybercriminal enterprise behind a slew of romance scams, COVID-19 fraud attacks and business email compromise schemes since 2013.

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada
Posted on Thursday February 04, 2021

The company’s controversial practice of collecting and selling billions of faceprints was dealt a heavy blow by the Privacy Commissioner that could set a precedent in other legal challenges.

Second SolarWinds Attack Group Breaks into USDA Payroll — Report
Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2021

A second APT, potentially linked to the Chinese government, could be behind the Supernova malware.

Identity Theft Spikes Due to COVID-19 Relief
Posted on Tuesday February 02, 2021

Cases reported to the FTC doubled last year as cybercriminals took advantage of increased filing for government relief benefits due to the pandemic.

Lazarus Affiliate ‘ZINC’ Blamed for Campaign Against Security Researcher
Posted on Friday January 29, 2021

New details emerge of how North Korean-linked APT won trust of experts and exploited Visual Studio to infect systems with ‘Comebacker’ malware.

Utah Ponders Making Online ‘Catfishing’ a Crime
Posted on Thursday January 28, 2021

Pretending to be someone else online could become a criminal offense, setting a precedent for other states to follow.

NetWalker Ransomware Suspect Charged: Tor Site Seized
Posted on Wednesday January 27, 2021

The suspect allegedly has extorted $27.6 million from ransomware victims, mostly in the healthcare sector.

Emotet Takedown Disrupts Vast Criminal Infrastructure; NetWalker Site Offline
Posted on Wednesday January 27, 2021

Hundreds of servers and 1 million Emotet infections have been dismantled globally, while authorities have taken NetWalker's Dark Web leaks site offline and charged a suspect.

North Korea Targets Security Researchers in Elaborate 0-Day Campaign
Posted on Tuesday January 26, 2021

Hackers masquerade as security researchers to befriend analysts and eventually infect fully patched systems at multiple firms with a malicious backdoor.

Breaking Down Joe Biden’s $10B Cybersecurity ‘Down Payment’
Posted on Monday January 25, 2021

Tom Kellermann, head of cybersecurity strategy for VMware Carbon Black, talks about the top security challenges facing the US government as a new presidential administration steps in.