Fraudulent Unemployment, COVID-19 Relief Claims Earn BEC Gang Millions
Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2020

The business email compromise (BEC) gang Scattered Canary has filed more than 200 fraudulent claims for unemployment benefits and for COVID-19 relief funds.

Alleged Hacker Behind Massive ‘Collection 1’ Data Dump Arrested
Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2020

The threat actor known as ‘Sanix’ had terabytes of stolen credentials at his residence, authorities said.

Ransomware Gang Arrested for Spreading Locky to Hospitals
Posted on Monday May 18, 2020

A group of four people calling themselves "Pentaguard" were arrested in house raids.

Utah Says No to Apple/Google COVID-19 Tracing; Debuts Startup App
Posted on Thursday May 14, 2020

"Healthy Together” app uses a raft of location data, including GPS, cell tower triangulation and Bluetooth, to pinpoint users and ID coronavirus hotspots.

Leaked NHS Docs Reveal Roadmap, Concerns Around Contact-Tracing App
Posted on Wednesday May 13, 2020

Future features include plenty of self-reporting options, and officials' fears the data could be misused.

Feds Reveal Hidden Cobra’s Trove of Espionage Tools
Posted on Wednesday May 13, 2020

The APT's new cyber-attack tools are laid bare on three-year anniversary of WannaCry.

Hackers Dumpster Dive for Taxpayer Data in COVID-19 Relief Money Scams
Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

Threat actors are buying and selling taxpayer data on hacker forums as well as using phishing and other campaigns to steal various U.S. government payouts.

Naikon APT Hid Five-Year Espionage Attack Under Radar
Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

The Chinese APT has been discovered behind a five-year espionage campaign that compromises government servers - and uses that as leverage for other attacks.

Sophisticated Android Spyware Attack Spreads via Google Play
Posted on Tuesday April 28, 2020

The PhantomLance espionage campaign is targeting specific victims, mainly in Southeast Asia -- and could be the work of the OceanLotus APT.

A Dozen Nation-Backed APTs Tap COVID-19 to Cover Spy Attacks
Posted on Thursday April 23, 2020

Iran's Charming Kitten and other nation-state actors are using the coronavirus pandemic to their advantage, for espionage.