Critical Infrastructure

ISS World Hit with Malware Attack that Shuts Down Global Computer Network
Posted on Friday February 21, 2020

The incident cut off access to e-mail and shared IT services across customer sites of the multinational Denmark-based facility-management firm.

U.S. Pipeline Disrupted by Ransomware Attack
Posted on Wednesday February 19, 2020

The attack took a gas compression facility offline for two days, disrupting the supply chain.

Iran-Backed APTs Collaborate on 3-Year ‘Fox Kitten’ Global Spy Campaign
Posted on Tuesday February 18, 2020

APT34/OilRig and APT33/Elfin have established a highly developed and persistent infrastructure that could be converted to distribute destructive wiper malware.

Medtronic Patches Implanted Device, CareLink Programmer Bugs
Posted on Tuesday February 04, 2020

The medical device giant has issued fixes for bugs first disclosed in 2018 and 2019.

Fake Smart Factory Honeypot Highlights New Attack Threats
Posted on Friday January 24, 2020

The honeypot demonstrates the various security concerns plaguing vulnerable industrial control systems.

Critical, Unpatched ‘MDhex’ Bugs Threaten Hospital Devices
Posted on Thursday January 23, 2020

The Feds have warned on six vulnerabilities in GE medical equipment that could affect patient monitor alarms and more.

Pwn2Own Miami Contestants Haul in $180K for Hacking ICS Equipment
Posted on Wednesday January 22, 2020

The competition targets the systems that run critical infrastructure and more.

Oil-and-Gas APT Pivots to U.S. Power Plants
Posted on Friday January 10, 2020

Researchers say that physically disruptive attacks aren't imminent, but an increased focus on U.S. electrical-grid operators doesn't bode well.

3 Critical Bugs Allow Remote Attacks on Cisco NX-OS and Switches
Posted on Friday January 03, 2020

Cisco patched three authentication bypass bugs tied to its DCNM platform used to manages NX-OS.

2020 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch
Posted on Tuesday December 31, 2019

Mobile becomes a prime phishing attack vector, hackers will increasingly employ machine learning in attacks and cloud will increasingly be seen as fertile ground for compromise.