Cloud Security

Critical Cisco SD-WAN, HyperFlex Bugs Threaten Corporate Networks
Posted on Thursday May 06, 2021

The networking giant has rolled out patches for remote code-execution and command-injection security holes that could give attackers keys to the kingdom.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Plugs Critical Bug in Edge Platform Tool
Posted on Monday May 03, 2021

Researchers warned that unpatched versions of HPE’s Edgeline Infrastructure Manager are open to remote authentication-bypass attacks.

Experian API Leaks Most Americans’ Credit Scores
Posted on Thursday April 29, 2021

Researchers fear wider exposure, amidst a tepid response from Experian.

5 Fundamental But Effective IoT Device Security Controls
Posted on Friday April 23, 2021

Matt Dunn, the associate managing director for cyber-risk at Kroll, discusses how to keep networks safe from insecure IoT devices.

Ransomware: A Deep Dive into 2021 Emerging Cyber-Risks
Posted on Monday April 19, 2021

Our new eBook goes beyond the status quo to take a look at the evolution of ransomware and what to prepare for next.

What COVID-19 Taught Us: Prepping Cybersecurity for the Next Crisis
Posted on Monday April 19, 2021

Sivan Tehila, cybersecurity strategist at Perimeter 81, discusses climate change and the cyber-resilience lessons companies should take away from dealing with the pandemic.

Security Bug Allows Attackers to Brick Kubernetes Clusters
Posted on Wednesday April 14, 2021

The vulnerability is triggered when a cloud container pulls a malicious image from a registry.

1.3M Clubhouse Users’ Data Dumped in Hacker Forum for Free
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

Clubhouse denies it was ‘breached’ and says the data is out there for anyone to grab.

Man Arrested for AWS Bomb Plot
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

A man caught in an FBI sting allegedly said he wanted to destroy "70 percent of the internet" by going after the tech giant's data centers.

Zero Trust: The Mobile Dimension
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

Hank Schless, senior security solutions manager at Lookout, discusses how to secure remote working via mobile devices.