Cloud Security

NSO Group Impersonates Facebook Security Team to Spread Spyware — Report
Posted on Friday May 22, 2020

An investigation traces an NSO Group-controlled IP address to a fake Facebook security portal.

Long Tail Analysis: A New Hope in the Cybercrime Battle
Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

Looking for niche anomalies in an automated way with AI and machine learning is the future.

Crooks Tap Google Firebase in Fresh Phishing Tactic
Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the Google name and the cloud to convince victims into handing over their login details.

Microsoft Addresses 111 Bugs for May Patch Tuesday
Posted on Tuesday May 12, 2020

Important-rated EoP flaws make up the bulk of the CVEs; SharePoint continues its critical run with four worrying bugs.

Zoom Beefs Up End-to-End Encryption to Thwart ‘Zoombombers’
Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

As the company continues to battle security woes, it has acquired Keybase to boost security and privacy. A full cryptographic draft architecture will be available on May 22.

VPN Concerns with Unplanned Remote Employees
Posted on Tuesday May 05, 2020

Maintaining visibility and availability when you suddenly have a large remote footprint takes planning.

Microsoft Teams Impersonation Attacks Flood Inboxes
Posted on Friday May 01, 2020

Two separate attacks have targeted as many as 50,000 different Teams users, with the goal of phishing Office 365 logins.

Microsoft Sway Abused in Office 365 Phishing Attack
Posted on Thursday April 30, 2020

The "PerSwaysion" attackers have leveraged a plethora of Microsoft services to compromise at least 150 executives in a highly targeted phishing campaign.

Salt Bugs Allow Full RCE as Root on Cloud Servers
Posted on Thursday April 30, 2020

Researchers say the bugs are easy to exploit and will likely be weaponized within a day.

Building for Billions: Addressing Security Concerns for Platforms at Scale
Posted on Thursday April 30, 2020

Lessons from Facebook and Google show how to safely scale your environment for security.