Wednesday August 24, 2022

Twitter is blasted for security and privacy lapses by the company’s former head of security who alleges the social media giant’s actions amount to a national security risk.

Wednesday August 17, 2022

The North Korean APT is using a fake job posting for Coinbase in a cyberespionage campaign targeting users of both Apple and Intel-based systems.

Monday August 15, 2022

‘Summer Camp’ for hackers features a compromised satellite, a homecoming for hackers and cyberwarfare warnings.

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Built-in Telegram and Discord services are fertile ground for storing stolen data, hosting malware and using bots for nefarious purposes.

Friday July 15, 2022

Microsoft has linked a threat that emerged in June 2021 and targets small-to-mid-sized businesses to state-sponsored actors tracked as DEV-0530.

Thursday July 14, 2022

Since 2021, various state-aligned threat groups have turned up their targeting of journalists to siphon data and credentials and also track them.

Friday July 08, 2022

State-sponsored actors are deploying the unique malware--which targets specific files and leaves no ransomware note--in ongoing attacks.

Tuesday July 05, 2022

Iran's steel manufacturing industry is victim to ongoing cyberattacks that previously impacted the country's rail system.

Tuesday June 28, 2022

Cyber collective Killnet claims it won’t let up until the Baltic country opens trade routes to and from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Thursday June 23, 2022

The APT is pairing a known Microsoft flaw with a malicious document to load malware that nabs credentials from Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.